Why choose a repair over a replacement?

1) Repairing a damaged windscreen is ALWAYS cheaper than replacing, even multiple stonechip repairs.

2) It’s usually a lot quicker, with no waiting for bond to set before you can use the vehicle.

3) No chance of developing annoying leaks/condensation problems or wind noise.

4) It’s kinder to the environment. Laminated windscreen glass is virtually impossible to recycle so it ends up in   landfill sites.

Why choose Windscreen Repair Man?

1) Friendly, professional and prompt service with no call-out charges

2) NVQ level 2 certified technician with years of experience in windscreen stone chip and long crack repairs

3) Lifetime guarantee. If a stone chip repair fails (very, very rare as we use quality resins) and becomes a crack while you own the vehicle, we will repair it free of charge.

4) We can repair damage that other companies either can’t or won’t attempt (including cracks of up to 12 inches). WRM does not supply or fit glass, so if we tell you that the damage is unrepairable you can be sure that is the case. Some replacement companies may tell you a new windscreen is needed purely to increase their profit. If we can’t repair it then we will offer to use our extensive contacts within the industry to find the best priced replacement available.