Best Prices

1) Single chips from £15 – £35: Our cheapest stone chip repair covers damage that does not require an injection process, just a basic clean and pit-fill. This would be done both for cosmetic reasons and to prevent damage to your wiper blades. We will never charge you more than £35 for an injection repair (even the most challenging ones!) and if you’re within 10 miles of the city center it’s usually even less. So don’t be shy, call us today for the best repair at the best price!

2) No call out fee: Some companies may request a payment just to come out to  inspect your damaged ‘screen, even if they declare it un-repairable. Do you think that’s a bit much? Downright ungrateful? So do we! So if you choose us to do your repair and it is in fact un-repairable, we will thank you for choosing WRM and offer to use our extensive contacts in the industry to find you the cheapest replacement windscreen.

3) All work guaranteed: Our goal is to make every stone chip and crack we repair disappear completely, and we have a very high success rate. For various reasons this isn’t always possible, so if the finished article doesn’t look any different, or won’t pass an MOT, we don’t charge. The vast majority of our repairs ARE successful, and permanent. However, if a repaired chip or crack should happen to extend beyond the original damage in the future (for as long as you own the vehicle) we will fix it again free of charge.